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My dumb question of the dayI keep re-reading this and don't understand. Are you speaking of two different echolink nodesbehind the same firewall? I had that issue and rather than re-work my network I just have the one running on windows/android to use a publyc echolink proxy. Solved my problem. 

But it also looks like you want the echolink and allstar nodes on teh same computer to connect. If that's the config, they already are.

But I think I'm missing something.


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  Ought Oh, then maybe I have a fundamental flaw in my topology concept.


  I want to have one allstar server with 4 nodes on it.


  a) my IRLP node connected via a URI directly to the IRLP server, this will be allstar node 1 for discussion sakes

  b) my repeater node connected via an RTCM, this will be allstar node 2

  c) my simplex link or remote base connected via a URI, this will be node 3

  d) my echolink node connected via chan_echolink, this will be the echolink node number


  So won't anyone who connects to any of the 1-3 nodes have the same problem, if they then try to cross connect to the echolink node?  Actually that will never happen, what is more likely is that someone from the echo side will connect to my echolink node, and then try to cross connect to one of the other nodes.


  For now, please don't get wrapped up around what should and shouldn't be connected to IRLP… I'll cross that bridge when I get there, I understand the issue(s).  I'm just trying to figure out the functions.


  All of the above, the server, node 1 (IRLP), node 3 (simplex/remote base), and node 4 (echolink) will all reside behind my firewall, Node 2 will be a repeater at a distant location, remoted via the RTCM as a node.


  So, again, if someone comes in on the echolink node and tries connect to one of my allstar nodes, won't they have the same problem?.... Probably not because, they will be hosted on the local server and iax2 will take care of the routing…. hmm…. So I guess I just need to think about *my* internal to my network needs vs. echolink…. 


  Ok, I probably answered my own question, but now that my concept is revealed, curious of thought associated with it.




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  you can't.  use a proxy on the outside of your router...and connect back thru that.  there should be a setting in the app to let tou use a proxy rather than a direct connection.



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  On May 28, 2012, at 20:45, Alan Adamson <adamson_alan at hotmail.com> wrote:

    So how do you connect your Allstar node to your Echolink node - when you are behind a firewall.

    For example… my external ip address is 24.xx.xx.xx (a public address to the internet world).  my allstar server which has my echolink node on it, it on a private address of 192.168.xx.xx.  There is a Nat between the 2.  When I try to connect my allstar node on the same server to my echolink node, I get a connection failed because it tried to connect to the 24.xx.xx.xx address which it can't see.  

    I'll go see if my router has the ability to spoof that address as some do.  I can't believe I'm the only one that might have experienced this problem.  Just curious how others have remedied it…


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