[App_rpt-users] irlp channel driver Q? ...

Kirk Just Kirk wb6egr at gmail.com
Tue May 29 18:27:55 EDT 2012

Pose that question to David Cameron VE7LTD.........
Be sure to read the E-mail that comes back on a old computer
That you don't mind losing to a fire....Cameron goes BEZERK..
I do see you still have quite a few IRLP nodes listed.....
My OPINION.....yank the hard drive out,remove the IRLP board.
Drop in new drive, configure as a Allstar node and dont look back.
Unless you really NEED to be able to connect to IRLP node(s)
you are much better off to do this. There is NO REASON to stay with
IRLP.It was top dawg in it's day, but it's outdated now.
A number of us ran IRLP on our Allstar nodes, only to be threatened
by Dave Cameron that we would have our PGP keys yanked and forced
off the system. I didn't wait for the "Bitch Slap" I promptly yanked IRLP
nodes 3510 and 3520 (used to be 351 and 352 WAY BACK when) out of
service,Picked the SSI-202 chips off the boards and threw the rest in the

If you MUST be able to cross connect...simply place the two machines back
to back
Don't publish that you are doing it, chances are you can get away with it
for a while...


On Tue, May 29, 2012 at 12:03 PM, Tony Youngblood <k5try73 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have an irlp node online with no radio currently. Is it possible to add
> the irlp.conf channel driver and add this existing irlp node on my AllStar
> box?
> Or am I s.o.l. with an irlp node on my A* box? I think I'm understanding
> that requesting a new irlp node / pgp keys from the irlp people is outta
> the Q? but not sure if adding irlp capabilities is completely outta the Q?
> I'n the AllStar world.
> 73
> ;(;)
> AllStar 28384
> Irlp 7998 / 7766 / 7926
> Echo 563329
> :(:)
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