[App_rpt-users] League Repeater Directory was Re: irlp channel driver Q?

Bryan D. Boyle bdboyle at bdboyle.com
Thu May 31 08:22:31 EDT 2012

On 5/31/12 1:19 AM, K&R Yoksh wrote:
>> My OPINION.....yank the hard drive out,remove the IRLP board.
>> Drop in new drive, configure as a Allstar node and dont look back.
> I concur, although since Allstar supports the *Parallel Port* (IRLP board),
> the only thing required to switch over to Allstar is an -unmodified-
> CM108 fob.
> App_rpt will happily control an IRLP board for COS/PTT/AUX.


You know...the more I look at what the League does...the more I realize 
that it's a front for the advertisers and so-called thought 
leaders...(and this is not an anti-ARRL screed, ok?)...got the 12/13 
Repeater directory on a trip through 2 HROs last week...let's see...the 
normal listings...check...IRLP...yeah, but we know that the listing 
contains a lot of folks who've dropped out, but it would be impolitic 
for Cameron to actually trim the list, right?...Echolink...and 
WIRES...who the heck is using that???....but NADA Allstar linked machines.

When queried last year, since, to me, the Repeater directory is about as 
useful as (insert your favorite crude comparison here) when actually 
driving across country...the editor of the directory basically stated 
that he wasn't aware of any linked repeater systems that were using 
anything other than IRLP, Echolink, and WIRES, so he didn't see the need 
to waste time or paper to track down and list some unknown system with 
the limited resources he had to work with.

Thought leadership is an important concept.  Usually, the first to grab 
on to something (and I was part of developing and deploying the first 
commercial network firewall technology back in the real early 
1990s...even got a couple things referenced in NIST pubs, so I have a 
unique view of this...) is seen as the 'grey eminence' or 'fount of all 
knowledge'.  That's why DC wields the influence he does..people 
(including Hams) are resistant to exercising brain cells, and a 
shameless self-proclaimed expert like DC can (until he's exposed as a 
has-been) dictate the bounds of the discussion even long after his 
initial ideas have been long superseded.

My opinion: IRLP is about as up to date and useful, when compared to the 
capabilities of both forks of the asterisk/app_rpt tree, as an old 56K 
modem and Procomm+ running under M$DOS to dial in to access PROFS with a 
3270 emulator.  You can do it, but why would you want to?

(I'm also thinking that a letter writing campaign be mounted to the 
League asking why there seems to be resistance or willful neglect of 
listing the 1K+ nodes of the Allstar-accessible systems across the 

In this world, you must be oh so smart or oh so pleasant.
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