[App_rpt-users] irlp channel driver Q?

Mark Huelskoetter wl7ni.ak at gmail.com
Thu May 31 10:32:02 EDT 2012

     You can re-integrate chan_irlp if you are so inclined.  I have done so
and it works.  I have actually done so using Ubuntu as the base operating
system.  I started with an install of Ubuntu 10.04 Server.  Next I checked
out the latest SVN of Allstar.  Then I down graded app_rpt to SVN revision
854 (I think, I don't remember at the moment) and grabbed chan_irlp and
irlp.conf from the same revision.  Then I compiled it all and configured.
     As far as IRLP goes, I created an install script to install from a
backup onto the Ubuntu OS.  You can look at a blog post on the website:


It has a link to the IRLP install script and some simple instructions to
get started.

There is one minor issue:

The audio level coming from Allstar will fluctuate intermittently.  It
seems like it happen more when there is a small amount of packet loss from
the source.  So, during a QSO, sometimes the voice goes really quiet.  Then
when the packets catch up, it goes back to normal or louder.  I have played
with the jitterbuffer settings thinking that might help, but so far it
hasn't.  It's almost like some sort of automatic gain that is getting
messed up, but I don't think that feature is in this version of asterisk.
But, I digress.

You can listen for yourself on the Alaskan Reflector IRLP 9070 by going to
node 27597.  Enjoy!


On Wed, May 30, 2012 at 8:59 PM, K&R Yoksh <yokshs at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Tony,
> <can of worms>
> AFAIK, support for IRLP was removed from app_rpt, at the insistence of
> Dave Cameron. Personally, I think that he is sitting on a stockpile of
> obsolete parallel port cards, and is afraid that he'll get stuck with
> them. Many IRLP node owners believe that their node will not operate without
> the parallel port card, and the guy selling them likes that. As you know,
> his board doesn't even handle audio (other than for the DTMF decoder).
> There is also the matter of his ROIP commercial system, which uses the
> same obsolete parallel port card.
> At one time IRLP would issue a node number / PGP key for a "donation",
> sans IRLP board.
> As for your last question, I'm not sure. Since app_rpt is open source, I'm
> guessing it could be done if one knew how to integrate chan_irlp.
> I decided to vote with my feet, and turned in my IRLP node number after
> Cameron's antics. Let him take his ball and go home.... Works for me!
> </can of worms>
> 73
> Kyle Yoksh
> K0KN
> Olathe, KS
> Allstar 2210-2219
> ex-IRLP 3348
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>> From: Tony Youngblood
>> Subject: [App_rpt-users] irlp channel driver Q? ...>
>> I have an irlp node online with no radio currently. Is it possible to add
>> the irlp.conf channel driver and add this existing irlp node on my AllStar
>> box?
>> Or am I s.o.l. with an irlp node on my A* box? I think I'm understanding
>> that requesting a new irlp node / pgp keys from the irlp people is outta
>> the Q? but not sure if adding irlp capabilities is completely outta the Q?
>> I'n the AllStar world.
>> 73
>> ;(;)
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