[App_rpt-users] URI with a Kenwood v71 on simplex node

Monty monty at ke7jvx.com
Sun Nov 4 23:13:52 EST 2012

I am assuming you have it in a simplex node configuration, therefore make
sure you have the following in your rpt.conf file:


If you don't, add it. I usually do it towards the top of the node stanza.
 If it does not exist, app_rpt defaults to duplex=2 for a full duplex
repeater, that is why it is "ping ponging".  I think you usbradio.conf
should be fine.


On Nov 4, 2012 4:19 AM, "K1IF" <k1if at k1if.com> wrote:

>   ------------------------------
> Im trying to find a good usbradio.conf file for the v71. The one i found
> while looking on the net didn't work. transmitter keys for a second then
> releases over and over.
> Thanks
> John
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