[App_rpt-users] Trying to install from a USB drive

Buddy Brannan buddy at brannan.name
Tue Nov 6 17:59:20 EST 2012


I think I must be missing something important.

I need to move my install to a new computer, as the old crappy one it's on now is fix in to crap out. 

The machine that I have kicking around to use doesn't have a CDROM drive, but it will boot off USB. I verified this both by booting from a Chromium USB drive and also a live Archlinux installation. However, burning either Acid or Xipar to a USB drive seems not to work, giving me only a blank screen with a blinking cursor, and no boot prompt or very much else. 

From the Mac terminal, and even from the Linux terminal on the crappy computer,
dd if=acid-somthing-or-other.iso of=/dev/disk1 (for the Mac, or /dev/sda for Linux)

The drive writes, it mounts, it has expected files on it, but it doesn't boot to anything except a blank screen.

Anyone got any ideas?
Buddy Brannan, KB5ELV - Erie, PA
Phone: (814) 860-3194 or 888-75-BUDDY

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