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Shane Morris edgecomberts at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 23:15:19 EST 2012

Your best bet would be to do some reading. there's plenty of Howtos out
there that explain basic tasks. Linux, as you may have guessed, isn't

I know this sounds like I'm trying to fob you away, but your best tool is
to READ then DO. If you are committed to running a node, and you don't hose
it at least once, seriously, you're not trying hard enough :)

I can be a bit pedantic because I've been playing with Linux and Solaris
since 1999, but I assure you, I started where you are too, and patience and
perseverance always wins out. Before that I trained on System 6 and MSDOS.
And I've been playing with computers - especially obsolete ones - since I
was 8 (in 1992). You always know you've learned too much when you can fix a
20 year old computer with bubble gum and prayer :)

So, for you: Google "Linux System Administration Howto." Read it, then come
back to us. Good luck and best wishes in your journey! I hope to hear you
on the airwaves soon!
On 09/11/2012 3:05 PM, <kingshadow1 at cox.net> wrote:

> Please help me , I have been trying to load Centos for days. I don't know
> anything about lynix, when I type in the root password it shows no evidence
> of my typing. I don't know how to work this download.I have acid install
> instructions, but they do not help. Do I type in the password and hit enter
> ? I don't know what to do.I am trying to put together an allstar node. I
> have the usb  fob, I have the radio, I have a computer, I have a node
> number and I d number,    and  the instructions I'm getting are not helping
> and nobody has been able to answer my questions. I was given this place by
> a friend who said the best people are here. I would really like to have an
> allstar node. I need someone to take me by the hand and lead me thru this
> thing.I will appreaciate anything someone can do to help me. Rick   K F 7 T
> B T
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