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     As a fellow Linux neophyte I can certainly feel your pain and frustration.  I've been programming various computers and systems since the late 60's but really settled in on DOS and later Windows in the late 80's and early 90's, and can do just about anything I need to in those systems.  But Linux has always been an issue for me...as already stated "It ain't Windows or DOS".  For me it really helped to load a Linux release on a spare machine (no GUI at first as you really need to work in the command line) and play with that, completely separate from the ACID install and Asterisk.  I learned some of the very basic commands and concepts, enough to get me started; I can log on, list the date and time, check the IP configuration, a few other things.  I still don't like Linux but at least I understand a little of it now.  Along with reading, a LOT of reading, a little free "see and do" on a system you can break as much as you want to was a big
 help for me.  Then when you feel you are ready, blow out the stand-alone Linux and load ACID on the same machine.
     The ACID installation had it's own set of issues for me on one machine, as the Ethernet NIC was simply unknown to CentOS, and that gave me fits in the beginning, but I added a more standard NIC and the install proceeded on fairly well after that.  Make no mistake, ACID and Asterisk to get an Allstar node running is definitely NOT Plug and Play.  If you build your first system that has no issues from start to finish you will be be in the very small minority.  But I can tell you that this reflector was the best tool I had, and I've been lucky enough to have a couple of guys locally who are bonafied experts in both Linux and Asterisk/Allstar and they have helped me a lot.  Those guys, and many more, watch this reflector and will almost certainly be there to answer questions.  But I found I learned a lot from previous questions asked, so look thru the history of the reflector, because it is highly unlikely you will run across anything that
 someone before you hasn't had an issue before and already been provided the answer.  Best of luck, and hang in there as it is pretty rewarding fun once you have it running.
73, Bill, N4SV, node 28055, 28221 (not currently active)

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Your best bet would be to do some reading. there's plenty of Howtos out there that explain basic tasks. Linux, as you may have guessed, isn't Windows.
I know this sounds like I'm trying to fob you away, but your best tool is to READ then DO. If you are committed to running a node, and you don't hose it at least once, seriously, you're not trying hard enough :)
I can be a bit pedantic because I've been playing with Linux and Solaris since 1999, but I assure you, I started where you are too, and patience and perseverance always wins out. Before that I trained on System 6 and MSDOS. And I've been playing with computers - especially obsolete ones - since I was 8 (in 1992). You always know you've learned too much when you can fix a 20 year old computer with bubble gum and prayer :)
So, for you: Google "Linux System Administration Howto." Read it, then come back to us. Good luck and best wishes in your journey! I hope to hear you on the airwaves soon!
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Please help me , I have been trying to load Centos for days. I don't know anything about lynix, when I type in the root password it shows no evidence of my typing. I don't know how to work this download.I have acid install instructions, but they do not help. Do I type in the password and hit enter ? I don't know what to do.I am trying to put together an allstar node. I have the usb  fob, I have the radio, I have a computer, I have a node number and I d number,    and  the instructions I'm getting are not helping and nobody has been able to answer my questions. I was given this place by a friend who said the best people are here. I would really like to have an allstar node. I need someone to take me by the hand and lead me thru this thing.I will appreaciate anything someone can do to help me. Rick   K F 7 T B T
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