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From: "Shane Morris" <edgecomberts at gmail.com>
Date: 11/11/2012 7:23 AM
Subject: RE: [App_rpt-users] please please help
To: "Eric Guth" <eric at efratnetworks.com>

Eric, I've confirmed the A10 doesn't have a DSP. Which is a shame. I'd
prefer a DSP over a video processor.

The next option is to use a high speed bus exposed on some of the 96 I/O
lines, and a discrete DSP. Unsure of what I'd recommend, some small Ti job
should do nicely, and also has freely available programming tools... in
fact... Olimex sell a Ti DSP, more for motor control, but it has a CAN bus
as well as USB, perhaps we could use something similar? Just gear it for
audio rather than motor control.
On 11/11/2012 7:17 AM, "Eric Guth" <eric at efratnetworks.com> wrote:

> ** **
> Thanks! ****
> ** **
> *From:* Shane Morris [mailto:edgecomberts at gmail.com]
> *Sent:* Saturday, November 10, 2012 9:28 PM
> *To:* Eric Guth
> *Subject:* RE: [App_rpt-users] please please help****
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> The Cubieboard should work with a URI, it has two USB2 ports. However,
> like the RPi, it doesn't have a DSP, so you'd need to use CHAN_simpleusb.
> Perhaps one could integrate a DSP via the I/Os, but how you'd do that, I'm
> not entirely sure.****
> I understand your need for squelch processing and yup, that's a good
> thing. But as far as I know the Allwinner A10 doesn't have a DSP. I can
> have a look at some specs and get back to you Eric.****
> On 11/11/2012 6:22 AM, "Eric Guth" <eric at efratnetworks.com> wrote:****
> Do you think that the cubieboard will work with the URI and do the DSP
> processing for squelch and tone decode?  ****
>  ****
>  ****
> *From:* Shane Morris [mailto:edgecomberts at gmail.com]
> *Sent:* Saturday, November 10, 2012 8:56 PM
> *To:* Eric Guth
> *Subject:* RE: [App_rpt-users] please please help****
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> Hi Eric,****
> I understand completely - the brain drain is alive and well in Australia
> too, let me assure you. I am probably one of five people in my local area
> of 20,000 people who know what I know, and certainly the only one who uses
> open source solutions.****
> I can also understand your motivation with the "distributed nodes" - I
> personally would love to see such a system exist. I'm going to make a
> suggestion for you.****
> I know there are Real Time Linux kernels available that would give you the
> deterministic timing needed to operate a RTCM alike system. However getting
> such a kernel to run on an RPi would be an uphill battle that I don't think
> anyone would enjoy.****
> There are alternatives however, such as the excellent Cubieboard product
> I'm planning on buying for Christmas. This board is a 1GHz processor with
> HDMi and SATA as well as both audio in and out and 96 I/Os. But here's the
> kicker (and why I'm suggesting it) - the Allwinner A10 is a completely open
> source chip.****
> That means that a compilation of a RT kernel would be a trivial exercise.*
> ***
> None of this "Oh, our boot process is proprietary and you need to use a
> patched kernel" stuff that Ramesh, Jim and I run into with the RPi. I
> personally think its a load of bollocks to tell the truth. But hey, I don't
> own the company, I just use their products. Plenty of the "Consume and use,
> and don't ask questions" going on.****
> Eric, the best part about the board, apart from the open source thing, is
> price: US$49. Ain't that a beauty? So $11 more than an RPi and its much
> more likely to do what you want. Fair deal to me.****
> Www.cubieboard.org should get you out of trouble - they have a page on
> indiegogo too, I'm planning on getting two "Rich Packs" - one for myself
> and one for a good friend of mine who loves open source.****
> Eric, I hope this helps - of course the benefits of adminning a familiar
> system and knowing your way around the software would make your distributed
> node effort a piece of cake. I am, of course, available should you need me,
> I've always wanted to play around with embedded real time, now I might have
> a chance and an impetuous. :)****
> Thanks Eric, and best of luck on your efforts!****
> Shane.****
> On 11/11/2012 5:29 AM, "Eric Guth" <eric at efratnetworks.com> wrote:****
> Dear Shane,
> Thanks for your very thoughtful message.  I guess that I will buy an RTCM
> in the near future for a mobile node.  Jim tells me that I will get half
> way to work before a server in my car will register with the network.  He
> is big on the RTCM, and for good reason.  I was thinking of the RPi as a
> way to build cheaper micro nodes to distribute around Israel for those of
> us who want to build a statewide single channel (or channel pair) mobile
> network.  It lends itself well for placement at our member's homes using
> the Maxtrac radios that we find here.   I am the only one these days that
> knows how to fix repeaters (a sad commentary), so the ideal of distributed
> nodes makes an easier deployment versus finding the key or arranging for
> someone to meet us at the radio site.
> 73,
> Eric
> 4Z5UG / WA6IGR
> Allstar Node: 28422
> 4Z5UG at guth.us
> Israel Direct: 077-950-9451
> USA Direct: +1-720-377-3840
> Skype:  ericrguth
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> From: Shane Morris [mailto:edgecomberts at gmail.com]
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> To: Eric Guth
> Subject: Re: [App_rpt-users] please please help
> Hi Eric,
> I can't see why not, but with the following provisos: the RPi must run an
> Asterisk server. So in effect, you'd need to have IAX trunks all over the
> place (no good using SIP, can't use a PTT signal with SIP), and of course,
> you'd need to have a dial plan to reflect this.
> The next issue will be timing: one would need to use one of the GPIOs on
> the RPi as the 1PPS signal, and program the RPi such. Can it be done?
> Certainly.
> The next issue after that is "real time" - the RTCM is a *very* basic
> device. Its "hard" real time, cause simply, it don't run anything else. Its
> designed to do one thing, and do that one thing well: turn VoIP packets
> into audio, and vice versa. Can an RPi do this? Yes, it could, but you'd
> need to be *very* deterministic in the way you go about it. Knowing my
> heading beating, and also the head beating of Jim and Ramesh, a Real Time
> Linux with deterministic properties might be a bit of a way off.
> So how would we attack this? The Asterisk issues are minor: one would just
> need to make sure their dial plan reflects the fact they're having a server
> on each node. Not a biggie.
> Timing is also easily solved: see this -
> http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/alamode-arduino-compatible-raspberry-pi-plate-p-1285.html?cPath=132_133
> Its an expansion shield for the RPi with an Arduino chip, and shield
> pinout, meaning one could easily plug in a GPS shield. Serial through the
> Arduino to set the time (also important!) and the 1PPS on a spare GPIO into
> the program to determine timing for the RTCM program.
> Lastly is the deal breaker: can we get a real time kernel? And thats what
> I'm not sure of. Can it be deterministic enough for us? Again, unsure, the
> RPi isn't a device designed for hard real time. You'd know as well as I do,
> that if you have even the slightest delay in a voting network, we're up the
> proverbial creek without the proverbial paddle, especially if the base
> stations transmit zones overlap, which results in interference and
> intermod. This is the reason I'm redesigning the RTCM myself to avoid those
> problems.
> I would really love to see a real time kernel on the RPi, that would be
> the coolest...! But after the debacle I had with the kernel sources, I
> wouldn't hold your breath... sorry to give you that bad news.
> In any case Eric, its food for thought! =)
> Shane.
> On Sat, Nov 10, 2012 at 12:59 AM, Eric Guth <eric at efratnetworks.com>
> wrote:
> > Shane,
> >
> > Can you get a Raspberry PI to work like a RTCM working through a remote
> server.  I can see using the Raspberry Pi with the URI for mobile and
> remote radio back to my home server.
> >
> > 73,
> >
> > Eric
> > 4Z5UG / WA6IGR
> > Allstar Node: 28422
> > 4Z5UG at guth.us
> > Israel Direct: 077-950-9451
> > USA Direct: +1-720-377-3840
> >
> >
> >
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> > Sent: Friday, November 09, 2012 8:19 AM
> > To: Eric Guth; app_rpt mailing list
> > Subject: Re: [App_rpt-users] please please help
> >
> > Hi Eric,
> >
> > Yeah, I wasn't trying to be smart or anything, only guide Rich in the
> best possible way. I've been playing with it all for years, and *I'M* still
> learning =) I particularly enjoyed helping to get app_rpt working on the
> RaspberryPi (which reminds me, I have to email Ramesh and Jim) and I
> learned alot, and will continue to learn.
> >
> > Theres some really great people on this list, and I feel honoured to
> > be a part of their number. Of course, thank you for accepting my inane
> > questions too...! =D
> >
> > If we ever get off our learners permit, I guess that when they stop
> bringing out new ideas - loving AllMon! Good work guys! The other thing is,
> this is a volunteer effort, and together we stand, divided we fall. I know
> what I'd prefer. I'm probably re-iterating old ideas, but its important to
> focus on why something exists sometimes.
> >
> > I'm moving onto getting app_rpt working on a Cubieboard soon, when I pay
> indiegogo for two (one for my friend Carmel for her Christmas present), and
> then chan_voter. I want to get AllMon running too, I think it would be
> invaluable for testing and general operation of the network. If I can vote
> in my workshop, I'll be a happy man...! I'll keep the URI on the
> RaspberryPi, no need to hose that work, and in time, I'll provide my disk
> image for the community - I even hope to provide it back to the RPi
> community at large.
> >
> > Of course, if I'm saying anything here that doesn't sound right, pull
> > me up, explain to me why it is so. But I reckon, if I can get a URI
> > working on RPi then I can get a Cubieboard to run a vote director. If
> > I can get it all running by October next year is the challenge...! =P
> >
> > Thanks for your kind words Eric, its nice to know that I've helped in
> some small way.
> >
> > Shane.
> >
> > On Fri, Nov 9, 2012 at 4:55 PM, Eric Guth <eric at efratnetworks.com>
> wrote:
> >> Shane - thanks for your response to Rich.  I spoke to him over the
> >> air and gave him the list when I realized that I too am still on an
> >> Allstar learner's permit.
> >>
> >> Regards,
> >>
> >> Eric. 4Z5UG
> >>
> >> Eric Guth
> >> Tel: 077-950-9451
> >> USA: 1-720-377-3840
> >>
> >>
> >> On Nov 9, 2012, at 6:15 AM, "Shane Morris" <edgecomberts at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> >>
> >> Your best bet would be to do some reading. there's plenty of Howtos
> >> out there that explain basic tasks. Linux, as you may have guessed,
> >> isn't Windows.
> >>
> >> I know this sounds like I'm trying to fob you away, but your best
> >> tool is to READ then DO. If you are committed to running a node, and
> >> you don't hose it at least once, seriously, you're not trying hard
> >> enough
> >> :)
> >>
> >> I can be a bit pedantic because I've been playing with Linux and
> >> Solaris since 1999, but I assure you, I started where you are too,
> >> and patience and perseverance always wins out. Before that I trained on
> System 6 and MSDOS.
> >> And I've been playing with computers - especially obsolete ones -
> >> since I was 8 (in 1992). You always know you've learned too much when
> >> you can fix a
> >> 20 year old computer with bubble gum and prayer :)
> >>
> >> So, for you: Google "Linux System Administration Howto." Read it,
> >> then come back to us. Good luck and best wishes in your journey! I
> >> hope to hear you on the airwaves soon!
> >>
> >> On 09/11/2012 3:05 PM, <kingshadow1 at cox.net> wrote:
> >>>
> >>> Please help me , I have been trying to load Centos for days. I don't
> >>> know anything about lynix, when I type in the root password it shows
> >>> no evidence of my typing. I don't know how to work this download.I
> >>> have acid install instructions, but they do not help. Do I type in
> >>> the password and hit enter ? I don't know what to do.I am trying to
> >>> put together an allstar node. I have the usb  fob, I have the radio, I
> have a computer, I have a node number
> >>> and I d number,    and  the instructions I'm getting are not helping
> and
> >>> nobody has been able to answer my questions. I was given this place
> >>> by a friend who said the best people are here. I would really like
> >>> to have an allstar node. I need someone to take me by the hand and
> lead me thru this
> >>> thing.I will appreaciate anything someone can do to help me. Rick   K
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