[App_rpt-users] Allmon Node Information

Tim Sawyer tim.sawyer at me.com
Sun Nov 11 23:01:27 EST 2012

I'm sure Allmon users will be happy to know that the Node Information column 
now shows the frequency, callsign and location. Thanks goes to the Duuude for
maling this data available to us. 

>From the readme:

Allstar Database
 - If you don't have the Allstar "database" (really just a text file) the
   Node Information column will only show the IP address of the remote nodes.
 - The included database (astdb.txt) is likely old by the time you install.
   It should be periodically updated with the astdb.php script. Please 
   set your cron job to a reasonable time, like once a day and manually 
   run when you need the occasional adhoc update.
 - Mark astdb.php executable and add to cron. Run just once a day please. ie
   01 03 * * * cd /var/www/html/allmon; ./astdb.php


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