[App_rpt-users] Lost conn to RTCM

Fran baldwin88 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 14 20:46:47 EST 2012

I lost connection to my 2 remote RTCM units....Recently my router was rebooted by accident and it went back to all default settings, my IP changed. I reloaded all the port forwarding info but still cant connect to my 2 remote RTCM units.
I checked the RTCM settings and the only thing I can think of is that the Voter Server Address was hard coded with my Old IP, however reading the RTCM manual it states the following: 
The RTCM does a DNS resolution once per minute and resolves the IP address
for the RTCM server, based upon the FQDN specified in this configuration. Therefore, the actual IP address of the RTCM server may be changed (and its associated DNS entry), and the RTCM
firmware will continue to be aware of its current IP address (thus not requiring re-configuration of the RTCM firmware if the IP address of the RTCM server changes).
So even if my IP on my router changed shouldnt it be transparent to the RTCM?????
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