[App_rpt-users] Receive Adjustment Failed

Jim W7RY w7ry at centurytel.net
Sat Nov 17 00:47:49 EST 2012

Well I made some progress.... Found a different place to pick off discriminator audio. I’m using Tate equipment and this is my first time working with it. The info that I have is lacking.

Guess I need to get in touch with some of me mates down-under to set me straight! 

Anyway, I think it got it where I need if for now.

Jim W7RY

From: Jim W7RY 
Sent: Friday, November 16, 2012 8:29 PM
To: app_rpt-users at ohnosec.org 
Subject: [App_rpt-users] Receive Adjustment Failed

Any idea guys?
I tried rxboost=1 and rxboots=0 and same results.  I know there is audio at the receive input because I have good quality repeater audio. But have a long squelch burst on dekay of the subscriber. 

This is a modified CM108 USB fob. 

Thanks for all the great help!
Jim W7RY

Please enter your selection now: 2
tune rxnoise maxtries=12, target=27000, tolerance=2750
tries=0, setting=2, meas=32767
tries=1, setting=2, meas=32767
tries=2, setting=2, meas=32767
tries=3, setting=2, meas=32767
tries=4, setting=1, meas=32767
tries=5, setting=1, meas=32767
tries=6, setting=1, meas=32767
tries=7, setting=1, meas=32767
tries=8, setting=1, meas=32767
tries=9, setting=1, meas=32767
tries=10, setting=1, meas=32767
tries=11, setting=1, meas=32767
DONE tries=12, setting=63, meas=32767, sqnoise=13206

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