[App_rpt-users] RTCM Firmware

Tony Youngblood k5try73 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 08:48:50 EST 2012

May I get a little more insight here i realized i need to upgrade my
rtcm's as well ...

... Ive been reading and studying the various reads (rtcm.pdf / voter
protocol.pdf / voter system.pdf) from svn and not doing or
understanding instructions properly ;\

example: I run the ENC_loader.exe ?from directory the new files are
located to be used? ... And i dont see where i can enter and set
target ip address of rtcm, this the .ini file?

example: where am i looking for the "capture" "program" "reset" as i
reboot the rtcm?

Proly right under my nose but us new guys could use a tip or two. This
is fairly new to me so im being a nervous newb ... please help.

The only dumb Q? is the one not asked right?




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> You need the two files you will find here.
> http://svn.ohnosec.org/viewvc/projects/allstar/voter/EBLEX%20C30%20Programmer/?root=svn
> and one of the .cry files from here
> http://svn.ohnosec.org/viewvc/projects/allstar/voter/board-firmware/?root=svn
> or the source files and compile your self using the microchip compiler.
> The ones with SMT in the name are for the RTCM and the ones without are for
> the original voter board. Make sure you use the right one for the hardware
> that you have.
> Run ENC_loader.exe and enter the Target ip address of your RTCM and click
> "set address"
> click file and select the Voter-SMT.cry file that you downloaded.
> telnet to the RTCM and login
> Make sure that the Bootloader ip address is set to an appropriate value and
> saved.
> Issue the "r" command to reboot.
> Immediately click the "Capture Target" button in the Encrypted Ethernet
> Loader Utility.
> Once you see the message "LIA Status:  4000" you can click the "Program"
> button.
> Wait till you see the "finished programing file" message.
> Then click the "Reset LIA" button.
> Give it a minute and then it should be up and running the new software.
> I know that it works when you are on the same LAN as the RTCM.
> It works over a routed network if the routers properly forward UDP port
> 16388 and do proxy arp.
> I have had trouble getting it to work over the Internet via NAT at both
> ends.
> Chuck
> On Thu, Nov 1, 2012 at 9:24 PM, Jeffrey S. Carrier <
> jeff.carrier at rmsmsecurity.com> wrote:
>> I'm noticing the F/W version on my rtcm's is 1.05 dated 3/9/2012.  I
>> think I found a much newer version but so far nothing on the procedure
>> to update the firmware.  Can it be done over the network or only locally
>> and is there documentation on this that I've missed?
>> Thanks Jeff K0JSC

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