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Corey Dean n3fe at repeater.net
Sun Nov 18 10:19:27 EST 2012

I have often wondered about this too.  One of my repeaters are used for a road rally in June.  It would be really nice to give a command to disable announcements and to change the courtesy tones.  The site I have this at still doesn't have Internet but I have had this node in place for over a year now so I can't sash into to change things at this time

Corey N3FE

On Nov 17, 2012, at 9:51 PM, "Jeff Carrier" <k0jsc.jeff at gmail.com<mailto:k0jsc.jeff at gmail.com>> wrote:

is there a way to switch the function stanza with a dtmf command?  Here's my issue.  I have some prerecorded audio clips that can be called via dtmf commands.  They're goofy things like canned laughs and applause clips.  I use the "playback" versus the "localplay" so the files will play on my 4 nodes that are permanently connected.

The issue is that we link the system to a state wide ARES net on Sundays, i obviously don't want those going out over the net.  Is there a way that I can call a different function stanza before the net which doesn't contain the commands to call those audio clips?

thanks and 73 de K0JSC

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