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Hi Buddy,

Our VOIP group is dealing with some of the same issues all of the sudden.

One thing we've noticed is quite a few DTMF false decodes. As you know, app_rpt mutes the DTMF tones from going out over the VOIP side, so DTMF falsing can sound like packet loss to remote stations.

I suggest watching the CLI during your transmissions, and keep an eye out for falsing.. This may not be the entire problem, but perhaps a part of it.

I followed the directions from an earlier post (Jan 2012), with good results. No more false decodes AFAIK:


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Just wondering if anyone else is seeing the following. Sounds like a bandwidth issue, but I really don't believe it is, if for no other reason than nothing else seems affected, including a VOIP phone (believe me, I'd hear about it if the VOIP phone was doing this). Besides, I should have up to 5MBPS upload speed, which in real terms is likely less, but not so much less as to explain this.

If I'm connected to more than two Echolink stations, my outbound audio, though not inbound audio, loses lots of data. Dropped syllables, unintelligible audio (because of many many dropped syllables), words run together, in other words, typical extreme packet loss. Not just a degradation of audio quality. I don't know if the same occurs if I'm connected to several Allstar nodes, although I'm game to test that if anyone feels like it. 

I'm certainly not opposed to the idea that it's a bandwidth problem, but I'd find this hard to believe, simply because there's no problem with the VOIP phone. That isn't running throughout the Asterisk box, BTW, completely separate. Definitely a puzzler though.
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