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Tony Youngblood k5try73 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 11:47:57 EST 2012

Got it figured out, I was following directions correctly it turns out, just had a weird issue w the loader utility being there but not there ... lol

How To RTCM FirmWare Update

Just learned how to get my rtcm's up to spec with the latest firmware (version 1.11)(11/04/2012). I checked mine with the 98 status command, one was version 1.0 and the other was 1.05 ... 

Thanks Jim Duuuude! 

You need the two files you will find here. The ENC_loader.INI and ENC_loader.exe files.

http://svn.ohnosec.org/viewvc/projects/ ... /?root=svn

and one of the .cry files from here ... Voter-SMT.cry for the RTCM.

http://svn.ohnosec.org/viewvc/projects/ ... /?root=svn

The default (hard-coded) IP address for the bootloader firmware is: If this doesn't work for you, you will need to change it in the .INI file.

Download to desktop and Run the ENC_loader.exe and enter the Target ip address of your RTCM and click "set address", click file and select the Voter-SMT.cry file that you downloaded as well.

Telnet to the RTCM or use your 'Console Access' cable you may have built and login to it.

First click the "Capture Target" button in the Encrypted Ethernet Loader Utility. 

Next execute the "r" command to reboot the RTCM.

You will see data on the ENC_loader window in regards to the RTCM, click the "Program" button.

Wait till you see the "finished programing file" message. 

Then click the "Reset LIA" button.

Give it a minute and then it should be up and running the new firmware.

If the ENC_loader utility does not reveal itself and is running properly, check your screen resolution settings. From a smaller monitor screen the ENC_loader will not be seen ... BUT maximize screen resolution and esc back to normal and bingo ... tricked the windows to reveal the ENC_loader Utility 

Thanks Tim wd6AWP for the tips as well! 



^^^heres my write up, I posted this on my rtcm thread as well->



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