[App_rpt-users] Problem with a Two Node Configuration.

REDBUTTON_CTRL jrorke at cogeco.ca
Fri Nov 23 09:46:26 EST 2012

I believe Buddy is on the right track.

In the Rpt conf  there is these 2 lines that should be uncommented:

; ** For ACID ***
; Get the node list for this box  - only needs to stated once.
statpost_url=http://stats.allstarlink.org/uhandler.php    ; This sends 
the status to the Allstar server for this node where this line is 
located in its node stanza.

If you have 2 nodes, then the above line also needs to be in the second 
node stanza to report its stats to the Allstar website.

I see that UOR 27211 is not reporting to the Stats page.

If it doesnt show up there, no node can connect to it.


On 11/23/2012 9:37 AM, Buddy Brannan wrote:
> Hi,
> OK, so both nodes are on the same machine. Are they both on separate URI's or other USB interfaces, or is one used for something else?
> A couple things spring to mind:
> First, in your rpt.conf file, do you have lines in both to report status?
> Second, you're going to need both nodes defined locally as 127.0-.0.1. Mine looks like this, so just replace your node numbers:
> [nodes]
> 2331 = radio at,NONE
> 28529 = radio at,NONE
> Betcha a cold cheeseburger that only one of these is defined, i.e. the one you can connect to.
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> On Nov 23, 2012, at 9:11 AM, Keith Goobie<keith at goobie.org>  wrote:
>> Hi All
>> A colleague – VA3SD – built a standalone node on an Acid based platform, the node he was assigned is 27211.  The associated callsign is VE3UOR.
>> WE needed to add a second node, so I subscribed and was given node number 29133.  The repeater callsign is VE3LSR and my profile is established as VA3YC.
>> I followed the guidance from the internet regarding the creation of two nodes on the same ACID platform.
>> The resulting configuration more or less works.  Here are the issues I am seeing:
>>> 	• Both nodes show up on the nodelist page.  You can do a successful drill down on detail for the VE3LSR/29133 node, but it is not possible on the VE3UOR/27211 node.
>>> 	• You can successfully connect from the VE3UOR node to the VE3LSR node but not vice versa.
>> Thoughts or guidance will be much appreciated.
>> Keith
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