[App_rpt-users] Problem with a Two Node Configuration.

Keith Goobie keith at goobie.org
Fri Nov 23 10:01:40 EST 2012

Good day Buddy and thanks for the response.

Yes, both nodes are on the same machine.  There are two URI on that same
machine, one dedicated to each node.

Regarding the reporting of status - your comment provoked me to look in the
right area and voila it works.

I also was shy in the second node that needed to be identified in [nodes]
corrected, now to test.


On 11/23/12 9:37 AM, "Buddy Brannan" <buddy at brannan.name> wrote:

> Hi,
> OK, so both nodes are on the same machine. Are they both on separate URI's or
> other USB interfaces, or is one used for something else?
> A couple things spring to mind:
> First, in your rpt.conf file, do you have lines in both to report status?
> Second, you're going to need both nodes defined locally as 127.0-.0.1. Mine
> looks like this, so just replace your node numbers:
> [nodes]
> 2331 = radio at,NONE
> 28529 = radio at,NONE
> Betcha a cold cheeseburger that only one of these is defined, i.e. the one you
> can connect to. 
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> On Nov 23, 2012, at 9:11 AM, Keith Goobie <keith at goobie.org> wrote:
>> Hi All
>> A colleague ­ VA3SD ­ built a standalone node on an Acid based platform, the
>> node he was assigned is 27211.  The associated callsign is VE3UOR.
>> WE needed to add a second node, so I subscribed and was given node number
>> 29133.  The repeater callsign is VE3LSR and my profile is established as
>> VA3YC.
>> I followed the guidance from the internet regarding the creation of two nodes
>> on the same ACID platform.
>> The resulting configuration more or less works.  Here are the issues I am
>> seeing:
>>> € Both nodes show up on the nodelist page.  You can do a successful drill
>>> down on detail for the VE3LSR/29133 node, but it is not possible on the
>>> VE3UOR/27211 node.
>>> € You can successfully connect from the VE3UOR node to the VE3LSR node but
>>> not vice versa.
>> Thoughts or guidance will be much appreciated.
>> Keith
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