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Scott 8f27e956 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 24 17:51:20 EST 2012


We're trying to use sip.allstarlink.org.



It rings and answers.  My side starts the rtp stream; however, we do NOT
see an rtp stream coming back. We do see the sip on udp banter for setup
and then the timeout tare down.  I *think* it's a codec negotiation failure
in the PCMU framing rate 20 vs 30 ms and it just doesn't "catch."  But I'm
not sure.  Are you able to see anything on your side?  Is there another
'test' codec, like gsm at 40ms, we could maybe try for debugging purposes.  I
know such issues are usually firewall related, but I've run,

tcpdump -i eth0 host sip.allstarlink.org

on the outside interface (before firewall process) and we're just NOT
seeing the reply rtp stream hit the outside interface.

My IP begins 99.232.n.n for your logs.

Any help greatly appreciated!

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