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FERNANDO VILLARROEL fvillarroel at yahoo.com
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Hi David.
Yes indeed I'm using my radio in simplex mode, then my problem is that I have to switch to a cable simplex.
Thank you for you answer David.Regards
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Are you using one radio in simplex mode? If so you need a simplex cable. http://www.uricables.com/motorola.html

On Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 8:15 AM, FERNANDO VILLARROEL <fvillarroel at yahoo.com> wrote:

Dear All.

I have installed ACID succesfully

I have the follows devices connected:

Motorola GM300 conected to my Asterisk (Centos)


http://www.uricables.com/DuplexMotorola.html (i have connected from RX Cable)

I am trying to doing PTT from Zoiper and IAXrpt, but not works. I do not understand why.


When i try to do *98 i have not audio in radio base and mobiles radios (handy).

Does anyone tell me what is the best config for usbradio.conf and rpt.conf?

I hope anyone could help me or how i can do.



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