[App_rpt-users] DTMF Commands not processed?

Kevin Oleniczak kevinoleniczak at gmail.com
Sat Oct 6 14:40:32 EDT 2012

Should i be able to see dtmf digits received by a URI device in the CLI?
I'm having trouble getting app_rpt to respond to commands over the air?

I only see carrier detect related messages with asterisk -rvvvvvvvvv when i
key a radio.

[Oct  6 13:35:10] NOTICE[23041]: chan_usbradio.c:2845 usbradio_read:
rxcarrierdetect = 1, chan Radio/usb
[Oct  6 13:35:15] NOTICE[23041]: chan_usbradio.c:2845 usbradio_read:
rxcarrierdetect = 0, chan Radio/usb

I've already ran setup commands for rxnoise and rxvoice, etc... tx audio
sounds good along with PTT.

Here's my usbradio.conf. I'm using speaker output of a radio for now.

thanks for any suggestions.


hdwtype=1               ; Leave this set to 0 for USB sound fobs modified
                        ; the instructions from usbfob.pdf. Use a setting of
                        ; 1 is for Dingotel/Sph interfaces.

rxboost=1               ; 0 = 20db attenuator inserted, 1= 20db attenuator
                        ; Set to 1 for additonal gain if using a low-level
receiver output

rxctcssrelax=1          ; reduce talkoff from radios w/o CTCSS Tx HPF
                        ; Do not change this, leave this as a 1

txctcssdefault=100.0    ; default tx ctcss freq, any frequency permitted
rxctcssfreqs=100.0      ; rx ctcss freqs in floating point. must be in table
txctcssfreqs=100.0      ; tx ctcss freqs, any frequency permitted
;rxctcssoverride=0      ; Set to 1 or yes to start out in carrier squelch

carrierfrom=vox         ; no,usb,usbinvert,dsp,vox
                        ; no - no carrier detection at all
                        ; usb - from the COR line on the modified USB sound
                        ; usbinvert - from the inverted COR line on the
modified USB sound fob
                        ; dsp - from RX noise using dsp techniques
                        ; vox - voice activated from RX audio

ctcssfrom=dsp           ; no,usb,dsp
                        ; no - CTCSS decoding, system will be carrier
                        ; usb - CTCSS decoding using input from USB FOB
                        ; (currently not supported)
                        ; dsp - CTCSS decoding using RX audio in DSP.
                        ; rxdemod option must be set to flat for this to

rxdemod=speaker            ; input type from radio: no,speaker,flat
                        ; no - RX audio input not used
                        ; flat - Use RX audio from discriminator (before
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