[App_rpt-users] Error mpg123 etc.

Ian Wilson jedscoot at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 7 08:20:19 EDT 2012

This is my experience of the error and how I cured it.
I found that after making a change and downloading the server configuration I would get the error.
Over-writing my [ rpt.conf ] with one from a known working configuration cured it.

Changes I made to the server configuration was to add/remove Echolink connectivity.

I also found that by including another node the error appeared.
This was due to the downloaded [rpt.conf] file not having the second node stanza inserted after the [ ;***Status Reporting *** ] portion of [ rpt.conf ]

Manually setting [ rpt.conf ] with the two node stanzas first then followed by [morse] [schedule] [functions] etc cured it.

I'm new to this so if this is already known apologies for repeating it..

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