[App_rpt-users] Alternate IAX port >> Registered ok but not listed?

Kevin Oleniczak kevinoleniczak at gmail.com
Tue Oct 9 00:09:24 EDT 2012

I am unable to connect to my node from the webtransceiver and don't see it
listed on the active nodes page. I use an alternate iax port because i have

>From reading other posts… it seems I may need an admin to change my iax
port from 4569 to what I now want to use which is 4570? thoughts?

My registration is still showing 4569 and am forwarding 4570 on my router
to my ACID box.

cruiser*CLI> iax2 show registry

Host                  dnsmgr  Username    Perceived             Refresh

<myip>:4569   N       28970       <myip>:4569          60  Registered

I’m not seeing my node show up and believe this is the cause. In my
iax.conf I have bindport set 4570 and also in server config under network I
set port 4570 on the portal.

looking at rpt_extnodes i see my node listed with the correct port...





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