[App_rpt-users] USB Radio Commands

Kevin Custer kuggie at kuggie.com
Tue Oct 9 21:35:13 EDT 2012

I reconstructed the following query, as the answer to your question was 
already in the text you pasted.


> So if this setting *_txprelim=yes_*   is:
> TX audio processing. Options: (no,yes).
> Choosing yes turns on transmitter preemphasis and peak limiting, along 
> with a lowpass filter. The yes option is used when driving an FM 
> transmitter directly by injecting audio right into
> the modulator.
> -------------------------------------------
> What is the setting?
> *_txlimonly=no
> _*The no option provides audio which should be injected into the 
> microphone input of the transmitter or at some point in the 
> transmitter' speech amplifier before preemphasis, and limiting.
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