[App_rpt-users] Using SVN copy of Asterisk on RaspberryPi (and "usb.h")

Shane Morris edgecomberts at gmail.com
Fri Oct 12 02:16:14 EDT 2012

Hello all,

I am using Raspbian on the RaspberryPi, which is a "wheezy" image,
upgraded to the latest kernels, using an aptitude copy of dahdi.

I SVN checked out 1.4.23-pre of Asterisk as per the link on the Drupal
site, and have been mulling over the various issues as they popped up
during compilation.

Where I've hit a brick wall is the "usb.h" file needed by
chan_simpleusb.c. I've had a poke around the guts of my Raspbian
install and tried a few files from the headers src package, but
nothing seems to work.

I've also installed libusb2-dev from aptitude, again, to no avail in
terms of placing a "usb.h" file into the /usr/local/include/ folder.

So, my question is this: while I can find plenty of references to
"usb.h" in the source files on the various repos on the net, I'm
unable to find a copy of the actual "usb.h" file - if someone could
shed some light on where I could potentially wget this file from
straight into my include folder, that would be great.

As for my application, I'm using a RaspberryPi for the fact its very
low powered, and since I'll be using a 10Ahr Lithium solar/
performance car battery (started off as solar cells, were adapted to
performance cars like the Subaru WRX) and a solar panel/ controller, I
can gain autonomy over a weekend operating period. In short, I don't
want to drag a generator to the remote base to top off the batteries
if I can help it.

The URI will be hooked to the Pi on one end, and a Simoco SRM9005 on
the other end, through a set of custom cables I'm (slowly) soldering
up. I did some more work on them today in terms of the DB25 to URIx
cable (which will go to a 5 pin DIN socket, then 5 pin DIN plug to
DB15 on the Simoco).

On the client end I'll be using IAXRpt on my Macbook Air, which has
OSX 10.7 and the latest, sound enabled, WiNE package, along with
Winebottler wrapper program to make it nice and GUI like for me - not
that I'm afraid of a command line, I just like some things to be
simple, and sometimes our PEKAC troubleshooting has to be done with
non-experienced personnel, who would faint at the sight of a CLI.

I've also got a Linksys SPA942 I want to try in terms of VOX
activation, but thats a secondary concern now I've got IAXRpt working
successfully on my Mac.

Of course, success (under test conditions) will be I press "Ctrl" on
the Mac, and I hear my voice come out the SRM9025 head, and vice
versa, PTT the SRM9025 head and hear it come out the laptop. This will
be interesting, as the MBA doesn't have a microphone port, only a
built-in mic, and the Bluetooth stereo input device I bought at Aldi
didn't work... I also want a DJs "stick" headphone, as my role in
these weekend expeditions is PEKAC and general support, as well as
some operation - apparently I have a good, strong radio voice.

Ok, enough rambling, as you can see, I'm using the various properties
of the systems to gain advantage over say a vanilla Limey Linux
install on an Atom. Plus I like ARM. I like a challenge, and if I were
to get this working, I'm sure my friend Andrew will be able to use my
Raspbian image on his Pis to make further remote bases for next years
expedition at Marramarra National Park. He has more Pis and Simocos
than me...

Thanks in advance for any help you guys can give - I'll be interested
to hear your responses.

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