[App_rpt-users] 2 USB Fob issue!

Ryan Collier kb8pmy at kb8pmy.net
Thu Oct 18 21:34:39 EDT 2012


I have a strange problem. I am going to discuss the problem then I am going
to tell what I have done to fix it.

Right now I am running 2 USB CM108 Fobs. Fob 1 (repeater) is on my 27539
repeater. Fob 2 (weather radio) is on 27540. Also I am running IAXRPT on
27541. Now here is the problem. When fob 2 is rxing. I can here that rx on
all the tx lines going out. So the output to the repeater radio can hear
fob two. 27541 can also hear fob two receiver.

There is what I have done to try and fix this. I have moved fob1 to another
usb port. Same result. Also moved the fob2 to another set of usb ports on
the motherboard. But I did notice something. If the usb fob is not linked
in asterisk is not heard anywhere. But once I have simpleusb-tune-menu
place the usb fob on a port, I can hear it everywhere.

Any ideas? I would really like to run 3 fobs. But if I can not get 2 fobs
to work I am stuck.

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