[App_rpt-users] eanmode

Pawlowski, Adam ajp26 at buffalo.edu
Mon Oct 22 18:55:04 EDT 2012

In reading the telemetry page, it talks about "eanmode" under echolink telemetry, which is described as what the echolink users hear. They don't seem to hear anything, in defaut mode, when someone connects, which is fine for now I don't care. However, eanmode in 2/3 should cause the call of the station to be played, presumably like it does while connecting from the web transceiver. Unfortunately, when I change this option it does nothing, it just says "connected", or disconnected. In 3 it plays the node number. There's no output on the asterisk console in that it is trying to play something that's not available, some sound file or such. I didn't debug rpt/echolink but I suppose I can but before I go through that, is there any comment available on if this works at this time?

Re: the previous commentary about NAT - I have not have trouble with it, only when it was in DMZ did it not work but with the proper header re-writes while port forwarding, it's worked fine. The perceived address anyways.

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