[App_rpt-users] Node behind a NAT router

S. Scott 8f27e956 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 19:26:02 EDT 2012

Ramesh, NAT, issues can be complex set of variables, which is why I
suggested we talk on air.  That said, here are the key sip parameters
for traversing nat..


localnet = <net ip of node>.     ; typically something like

One of either
externalip = <ip address>.    ; this is your ISP provided ip address
on the outside edge of the firewall.
externalhost = <fully qualified dns host name>. ; e.g. mynode.mydomain.ca

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On 2012-10-21, at 21:07, "Ramesh Dhami (VA3UV)" <Ramesh at va3uv.com> wrote:

> Hi Guys;
> I have a node behind a NAT router, which is also masquerading the incoming IP.
> So any attempt to connect to it fails since the reported IP (i.e., the masqueraded IP) does not match the real IP (in the rpt_extnodes file).
> I do not have access to the router at the site, so anything I can do on the node to make this work?
> TIA!
> Ramesh.
> www.freestar.us
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