[App_rpt-users] CT weirdness

Scott Weis kb2ear at kb2ear.net
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Simple answer, no.  It only reads from the one called telemetry.


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Maybe what I should have asked in my original post was:


"Is it possible to have multiple telemetry stanzas in rpt.conf?"


As this is what I am trying to do!



On 27 October 2012 13:18, Matt Beasant <matt.g4rky at gmail.com> wrote:



I am having a lot of strange things happen with my CTs on my node.


I have 3 nodes defined on this computer. Each has an entry in rpt.conf but
regardless of what I put in the telemetry stanza I cannot change the CTs!


I have renamed the telemetry sections in the node definition section of the
rpt.conf file with suitable names and used the same name in the title of the
telemetry section i.e. "telemetry=telemetryNODE1".


Each node has its own name for the telemetry section.


I have no idea where the CTs are being defined at this point as any changes
that I make, do not make any difference to the tones heard on the node. 


There are some really cool CTs I am hearing right now on these nodes but I
have no idea where they are being defined from! 


Has anyone had this before or could help me determine where I am going wrong






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