[App_rpt-users] D2700MUD and Limey...

Alan Adamson adamson_alan at hotmail.com
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Randy, why bother with Limey?  When you have the hardware that you have.
I have the D2800MT board and mini-itx case, power supply , SODIMM memory
I just grabbed a cheap 60G SSD and loaded up Debian on it.  Then my Allstar
server runs on the same box.  It's wicked fast, but there are some issues,
the sound drivers have to be built from scratch, you have to get past
getting allstar to run on Debian and you have to modify the sources to run
on a 2.6.35 kernel.
All of this was documented on various web sites that I found.
While Limey might be good if you just want to burn an image and go, I
suspect that running an allstar server on a 512M USB drive is a bit
I have no fans, no spinning drivers, the MB is a 12V motherboard and I run 3
URI's and 4 RTCM's all off the same box with no issues whatsoever.
Just figured I'd offer an alternative view.
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Hi folks,
I received my parts this week and started building a node.
The parts I've acquired:
Intel D2700MUD Motherboard:
ARK CS-Ci02 mini-itx case:
Crucial 2GB SODIMM DDR3PC3 memory

The D2700 Motherboard has an embedded USB storage header on the motherboard.
Rather than using a compact flash drive, I acquired some SanDisk 512MB
Embedded USB Flash storage devices. (Found on eBay)
Here's some documentation on that
I downloaded the Limey Linux image, and used Physdiskwrite on my windows pc
to write the image to the USB Flash drive.
Inserted the USB flash drive on the header, and gave it a rip.

You'll find pictures of the case, mobo and flash drive here.

Ok, so it boots... loads kernel, makes a ram disk, and runs through a long
list of boot up things.
It mounts the root filesystem then seems to die.
VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem) readonly on device 1:0
Freeing unused kernel memory: 292k freed
EXT2-fs warning: checktime reached, running e2fsck reccomended

There is no command prompt, so not sure what I should be doing next?  Doh!

I'm going to try a different boot image for linux, and check out the
hardware independently.
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