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It works FINE!!

You have to send digits to the node that has the propagate_dtmf, and it will output them.

For example, if the node that has that set up is 1234, then you need, once you link to it
from a different node, do a *41234 (into command mode for node 1234), then whatever
digits you send to it will go out the main interface for node 1234.


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    I have the same problem and have tried everything indicated below
    with no luck.  It can't be this complicated can it?








    On 10/29/2012 04:19 PM, Ian Venable

      So I still am having trouble with this. So far I have added


      to the rpt.conf file on the node that has the cat200b
        controller attached to it. Also on both of my other nodes that
        are connected via the allstar system i have added 
      to there rpt.conf files. I have done a restart on all the
        nodes, and still not getting the dtmf to pass through. When the
        dtmf passes through you should be able to hear it on the output
        of the repeaters, right? As long as it is not started with a (*)
        then the node would try to act on the dtmf. The cat200b
        controller is in remote base weather mode, and does not require
        COR, or PL to act, all it is looking at is the Tx audio from the
        usb fob, which goes into the Rx port on the controller. So all
        the controller needs to hear is the DTMF audio, but its not
        getting there. The controllers Tx audio is connected to the Rx
        audio on the usb fob, and I know thats working because I hear
        the controller identify itself with its version when I power
        cycle it. I am probably doing something wrong, so hopefully
        someone could point me in the right direction. Thanks!
      Ian Ki6ies



      On Sun, Oct 28, 2012 at 5:42 PM, Ken <ke2n at cs.com>

                  sends “telemetry” (control codes) to the other node …
                  not DTMF
                  think you want
                  the node stanza
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                        Hello all! I need some
                          help. I am trying to control a cat200 repeater
                          controller via dtmf. It is its own node. I
                          have my other node (uhf repeater)connected to
                          it, from which i would like to send the
                          commands from. I have tried the *4 and the
                          node number. And then i hear "By your
                          command". But dtmf is not making it to the
                          controller. It is making it to the other node,
                          because I can issue it commands. It is just
                          not passing through the other node, which i
                          would like for it to do. Any thoughts?
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