[App_rpt-users] Using SVN copy of Asterisk on RaspberryPi (and "usb.h")

Shane Morris edgecomberts at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 04:32:24 EDT 2012

Hi Jim, Ramesh, and list,

I'd had Jim had a look at the Zaptel install on my RPi. As far as I
can tell its working (correct me if I'm wrong here Jim?), and for the
sake of the list, I'm going to try to get Jim to write up how he did
it. I am particularly intrigued with what he did, I understand the
outside of it, but the details are a bit lost on me.

I'm just compiling Asterisk now, I've gotten to the GSM codec stage,
using the instructions from:


Of course, why didn't I do this first? =(

Lets see how we go!

On Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 1:29 PM, Shane Morris <edgecomberts at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hopefully a little better than they did at 6am here. I'm out of town for a
> while with my laptop, and on a baulky 3G connection. So I'm no help there.
> Jim, if you want to organise another session at your convenience, let me
> know, I'll see what I can do. But please gents, keep up the good work!
> On 29/10/2012 1:26 PM, "Ramesh Dhami (VA3UV)" <Ramesh at va3uv.com> wrote:
>> Hi Jim;
>> Just a heads-up, we're getting ready to go off to the land of nod in a few
>> minutes.
>> How are things looking?
>> Ramesh.
>> On 28/10/2012 5:22 PM, Jim Duuuude wrote:
>>> okay, on Shane's machine I got it to compile and almost work. I saved
>>> the 'stuff' I changed, and will
>>> import it to Ramesh's system and attempt to continue later today.
>>> Ramesh, please leave your system up, and hopefully I wont panic the
>>> kernel :-).
>>> Also, Ramesh, how late do you stay up (EDT, of course)? I want to know
>>> how long
>>> "reboot" access will be available today/this evening.
>>> Thanks
>>> Jim

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