[App_rpt-users] Alinco/URI setup

Jeffrey S. Carrier jeff.carrier at rmsmsecurity.com
Wed Oct 31 18:30:48 EDT 2012

You'll need to be using discriminator audio for that which depends on
the model of the radio and how deeply you want to dig into it.  I use
motorola's because it's all on the accessory connector.  It also looks
like you don't have your node setup because 1999 is the default node
number for a new install.  




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I'm beginning the process of setting up a node with an Alinco radio and
a URI.


I have tried to execute the following command "radio tune rxnoise" and

the following message:

"DONE tries=12, setting=1000, meas=1058, sqnoise=290
[Oct 30 06:47:51] NOTICE[2525]: chan_iax2.c:9712 socket_process:
Registration of '1999' rejected: 'Registration Refused' from:


I'm extremely new to thjs, and would appreciate any help.


Thanks and 73 Peter VK3TKK

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