[App_rpt-users] Alinco/URI setup

Ken ke2n at cs.com
Wed Oct 31 20:32:13 EDT 2012

Alinco "DR" FM radios from 6m to 440 have a 9600 packet output that works
well with asterisk.  The DB9 connector in the back is easy to wire up.

You put the radio in packet mode then the speaker is muted.




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You'll need to be using discriminator audio for that which depends on the
model of the radio and how deeply you want to dig into it.  I use motorola's
because it's all on the accessory connector.  It also looks like you don't
have your node setup because 1999 is the default node number for a new




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I'm beginning the process of setting up a node with an Alinco radio and a


I have tried to execute the following command "radio tune rxnoise" and

the following message:

"DONE tries=12, setting=1000, meas=1058, sqnoise=290
[Oct 30 06:47:51] NOTICE[2525]: chan_iax2.c:9712 socket_process:
Registration of '1999' rejected: 'Registration Refused' from:


I'm extremely new to thjs, and would appreciate any help.


Thanks and 73 Peter VK3TKK

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