[App_rpt-users] Using An External Controller

Pawlowski, Adam ajp26 at buffalo.edu
Tue Apr 9 12:52:36 EDT 2013

We are using a multiport controller, RLC-2, to control a couple of different repeaters. The app_rpt device is connected to one of the ports as a link, to provide services, so it's not really being used for much at the time being.

I ran it on a laptop, and put it into the repeater rack. It promptly got hot and began taking HDD errors. With ACID/Linux it remounted the disc read only, and continued to operate for the next couple of weeks until I arrived without hosing anything up. App_rpt or asterisk itself has not ever caused an issue for me. If anything, choosing the right hardware makes the difference.

Adam, KC2YQF

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