[App_rpt-users] GM300 Cable pinout question

Scott Weis kb2ear at kb2ear.net
Wed Apr 10 17:40:39 EDT 2013

1) The DSP chip inside the URI can decode the COS and know when it's
present.  Therefore, having a separate COS isn't required.

No there is no DPS chip on the URI, this is done by the DSP code in the

2) Since the diagram shows wiring for this case, can I assume that pin 11,
on the GM300 connector, is the correct RX to use, use for receive audio, to
the URI?

Yes, Pin 11 is correct for this if JU551 is in position A

3) Is there anything else required (changes inside the radio) for this wor
work correctly?

See Above.

4) Since the tone is decoded in the DSP, where do I specify what that tone
is, so the app_rpt software knows what tone to look for?


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