[App_rpt-users] HP 5745T Thin Client success

Chris Perrine (KB2FAF) kb2faf at arrl.net
Sat Apr 13 17:55:40 EDT 2013

Sounds like fun to play with...


On 04/13/2013 05:10 PM, Ron Simpson wrote:
> Hey guys!
> I finally have a semi stripped down version of ACID that boots from a 
> flash drive and runs in a ram drive. Lot of work, a few scripts need 
> some clean-up but otherwise it works.
> Node 27946 will be a mobile node. I have several of these Thin Clients 
> so why not use them!
> They are a dual Atom Processor running at 1.66 Ghz and 2gb of ram 
> expandable to 4gb.
> I got them cheap so it is an all around win!
> I will be happy to share my distro... should run on any machine. 
> Thinking of putting a
> non-smp kernel on the drive just to give boot options...
> If enough people want to play with it, I will make it available
> Ron Simpson, N6GKJ
> CET Sr., FCC
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