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There are a few things you need to understand, first there is no ISO image, the install is done manually. There are hardware requirements: 

HP5745T thin client w/2gb RAM MINIMUM!
This wont run on less period. Remember this runs from /dev/ram0 plus operational ram.

It was installed onto a hard drive attached to an HP5745 Thin Client. From there it was stripped of unneeded stuff, things not needed to support a node. 

I then built a 1gb file system and copied the stripped ACID INSTALL into it.

A 2gb USB FLASH DRIVE was partitioned into a  1.5gb partition and a 500mb partition.(larger ones can be used).

Partitions were defined as fat16 and mkdosfs was run on each one. Partition 1 was made bootable. Syslinux was run against partition 1. 

All files were transferred to partition 1. They include a kernel, system.map, syslinux, syslinux.cfg and the compresses file system.

In the second partition i have an /etc directory where i keep the network configs and the asterisk configs .

The system pulls the configuration info in at boot time.

I doubt this will work on any other device...

Wanted to clear this up..

Getting alot of email asking what machines this might also run on. 

The thin client uses a dual core ATOM processor so the kernel is an smp kernel.

So single core based machines will need a different kernel.

Will post here when I get the install DOC'S finished

Ron Simpson, N6GKJ

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