[App_rpt-users] Install issue with Dell Vostro 260s

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I've had the same experience with built-in Ethernet adapters not being recognized by ACID, and the fix was precisely what Ken just mentioned.  Specifically I used a D-Link DUB-E100 USB-Ethernet device ($30 at my local computer store) and my ACID install went on without a hitch.  After the initial boot and the system up an operational I believe I was able to remove the USB Ethernet, reboot the system, and it would then recognize the built-in Ethernet adapter OK.  But it also ran just fine with the USB Ethernet if you have the USB ports to spare and don't mind a box the size of a pack of cigarettes hanging off the back of your computer.

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for some BIOS's, you need to attach a simple USB ethernet adapter until you get past the first statges of the install ...

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For the longest time I have been using Dell PC’s for Allstar and I have come across a particular model that I just can’t seem to install Allstar on it properly.
It is the Dell Vostro 260s.  Came in Windows 7. First tried ACID and it would install, but it would not boot up right away at times. It would give a looped message mpg123 something or another.. I forget what it said, but have heard others mention it as well.
So then I send to XIPAR and with the latest version, I can’t even install it. It hangs after it grabs the install image of the net.
Then after it wants to reboot I get “ The following error was found while parsing the kickstart configuration file. 
The following problem occurred on line 27 of the kickstart  file :
The provided network interface eht0 does not exist.
That’s odd because earlier it was downloading just fine the image file. So what gives?
I looked at BIOS, turned off multi threading, even took it down to 1 core.
I am running out of ideas at this point. Anyone else come across this?? I did hear that Brian, KB3ORS has also had this issue occur.
Thanks is advance.
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