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Thanks Ken.

wow , I have to read a bit more..

Since I have 2 node on the same server I did modify the settings but I discovered that it would only change the delay on my first node .

So after fiddleling a bit I decided to make 2 stanza, one for uhf one for vhf change wait_times=wait-times to wait_times=wait-timesuhf on my first node the UHF one, and to wait_times=wait-timesvhf  on the vhf one..

And then it worked properly..

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re: time to CT 



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How would you do this.

I would like to make a macro that would llink 2 node, remove time out timer and 
play a sound file to both nodes.

Then another one that would unlink the 2 nodes , replace the time out timer to 
normal, and play a sound file to both nodes.. Well I think that the sound files 
would need to be first here...

And is there a way to shorten the time between the end of a user transmission 
and the ct tone? 
Cant find the variable that set this.

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