[App_rpt-users] Voter Question

Corey Dean n3fe at repeater.net
Fri Apr 19 21:37:07 EDT 2013

Hopefully this will change the subject at hand...

I was reading about the acid voters and had a question or more.

I currently run the voting in Zipar so I am not familiar with the way the voter works in the ACID distro.  I am trying to understand a few thing in ACID to help a friend.  I have seen the rtcm that will act as a voting interface as well as the voting card.  Can a regular acid install on a computer be used as a voter as well?  If so is their any documentation for this?  I know a GPS could be connected up to the computer and a radio with true discriminator audio should do the job.  I am just curious if the computer with the ACID distro can also be used as a voter with the right configuration.

Corey  N3FE

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