[App_rpt-users] DTMF with CTCSS out

Scott Weis kb2ear at kb2ear.net
Tue Apr 23 19:06:35 EDT 2013

Here's my strange setup...

I have a remote repeater with no internet up on a mountain (hill by west
coast standards) without access to the internet. I have a link transceiver
on the mountain on my local repeater pair to link it back in to the network.
My CTCSS on my local repeater is set up with itxctcss=1 so I only get CTCSS
when a valid signal is present on the repeater.  Everything works great like
this except I need to control the remote repeater. I have several macros
setup with COP 48 to generate my commands, but COP 48 does not enable the
transmit CTCSS so the remote repeater ignores the tones. So my question is
this: Is there any way to configure asterisk to decode DTMF even though
there is no valid CTCSS? Or failing that get the local machine to generate
CTCSS for COP 48?

Scott KB2EAR

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