[App_rpt-users] Map & Lat Long Problems?

Jim Duuuude telesistant at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 1 20:28:32 EDT 2013

I have heard of such problems, but I sure as heck can't reproduce them here!!


Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2013 17:05:24 -0700
From: kilo7AlphaZulu at verizon.net
To: app_rpt-users at ohnosec.org
Subject: [App_rpt-users] Map & Lat Long Problems?

Map & Lat Long Problems?

I was wondering if anyone else is having a problem entering LAT/LONG set up for their AllStar server location.

The set up screen shows "Enter Location", I put in Lompoc CA, then press enter,

but the map never shows up.   I have the Lat/Long from Google Earth but

the set up page will not allow typing that in.  Tried IE and Google


Thank you,

Chris Hill,  K7AZ,  Node 29275 

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