[App_rpt-users] [Bulk] Issue with Hangup after first keying

Joshua Hintze joshh at imsar.com
Wed Jul 3 19:37:38 EDT 2013

Thank you for all the suggestions thus far.

I'm using an ICOM IC-A110 VHF radio. I was able to find some
schematics/block diagrams in the service manual here:


This is my first time trying to dig through a radio and find a COR. I'm not
sure either where to get a discriminator audio signal either.


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On 7/3/2013 4:48 PM, Joshua Hintze wrote:
> Thanks Ben for the quick feedback. I think I might have figured it out. It
turns out my COR signal might not necessarily be the best COR signal. It
looks like the signal goes high on BOTH RX and TX. This is probably causing
asterisk to think its receiving when its sending getting into a nice
infinite loop.

Then you don't have a true COR signal.  What radio (make/model) are you
using?  Can you get discriminator audio??  If so, you can use dsp to
derive COR; otherwise, you need to look elsewhere.  Sounds like you're
too far down the circuit.

> I'm going to try an AND gate with the PTT so that PTT has to be high (i.e.
NOT TX) and speaker mute (my COR) has to be high for a true COR output on

Sounds complicated; I'm thinking some quality time with the schematic
will provide an answer that is more agreeable and doesn't require
building logic circuits.  In all the machines I've built the most
complex interface has been a pullup resistor on the DB25 connector.  And
that's for everything from a micor to wouxun HTs to maxtracs and gtx's
and systel, and ALinco radio-based repeaters.  And throw in a couple GE
rigs (Mastr-IIs) along the way.  Heck, I even interfaced a TR-33C as a
receiver in a pinch.

> In the meantime I tried carrierfrom=vox but it didn't really seem to work.
Anybody get this working properly?

As our Maximum Leader Jim says: "Friends don't let friends use VOX".
Not a way to do it; and is an artifact of development.

Allstar 27294, 27295, 27673, 27710, etc.

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