[App_rpt-users] [Bulk] Issue with Hangup after first keying

Robert a. Poff wb3awj at comcast.net
Wed Jul 3 19:46:09 EDT 2013

Try the top of either the volume or squelch controls.

Joshua Hintze <joshh at imsar.com> wrote:

>Thank you for all the suggestions thus far.
>I'm using an ICOM IC-A110 VHF radio. I was able to find some
>schematics/block diagrams in the service manual here:
>This is my first time trying to dig through a radio and find a COR. I'm
>sure either where to get a discriminator audio signal either.
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>On 7/3/2013 4:48 PM, Joshua Hintze wrote:
>> Thanks Ben for the quick feedback. I think I might have figured it
>out. It
>turns out my COR signal might not necessarily be the best COR signal.
>looks like the signal goes high on BOTH RX and TX. This is probably
>asterisk to think its receiving when its sending getting into a nice
>infinite loop.
>Then you don't have a true COR signal.  What radio (make/model) are you
>using?  Can you get discriminator audio??  If so, you can use dsp to
>derive COR; otherwise, you need to look elsewhere.  Sounds like you're
>too far down the circuit.
>> I'm going to try an AND gate with the PTT so that PTT has to be high
>NOT TX) and speaker mute (my COR) has to be high for a true COR output
>Sounds complicated; I'm thinking some quality time with the schematic
>will provide an answer that is more agreeable and doesn't require
>building logic circuits.  In all the machines I've built the most
>complex interface has been a pullup resistor on the DB25 connector. 
>that's for everything from a micor to wouxun HTs to maxtracs and gtx's
>and systel, and ALinco radio-based repeaters.  And throw in a couple GE
>rigs (Mastr-IIs) along the way.  Heck, I even interfaced a TR-33C as a
>receiver in a pinch.
>> In the meantime I tried carrierfrom=vox but it didn't really seem to
>Anybody get this working properly?
>As our Maximum Leader Jim says: "Friends don't let friends use VOX".
>Not a way to do it; and is an artifact of development.
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