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Benjamin L. Naber Benjamin at kb9lfz.com
Tue Jul 9 16:32:44 EDT 2013


Might a recommend a thin client?

They are very cheap, under $20 USD, sometimes including free shipping on

I have zero idea what other folks have success with, but I'm using Limey
Linux on a Neoware CA-22 that I bought a few years ago for about $40

Very low power, in the order of 13W...
Well, my ADD took over so I went to check. During boot, the thin client
peaked at about 18.5W. When fully booted to prompt, meaning idle Node,
power consumption was 13W.

I am going to see if I can power the whole setup using a wheel chair
battery and a 3A or 5A supply. I have my node radio at 5W. Because it
sits idle most of the time, and current draw from the radio during TX is
2.4A, this will be fine, even when I'm connected to a another node and
mostly listening. Think about it...

~Benjamin, KB9LFZ

On Sun, 2013-07-07 at 13:57 +0100, James Hill wrote:
> Guys,
> The old laptop that I use on my node is just about ready to roll over 
> and die (numerous SMART warnings, and it's getting extremely hot).
> I'm looking for new hardware options.
> Any suggestions? In an ideal world, I would like to use my Pi with 
> simpleusb (PL is handled by radio with hardware COR), but from reading 
> the archives, it's been said that it is likely to never happen. Has 
> anyone actually used a Pi & made it work?
> Or, what about a Thin Client?
> I haven't got that much money to splash on new stuff, and I need 
> something with a low (ish) power consumption.
> Any ideas would be appreciated!
> Cheers,
> James G0FHM
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