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Geoff, Keith,

Thanks for the responses.

We've been running Allstar on the ACID platform for several years (notice the low node numbers!). We have four RF nodes linked back to a hub (2483) which has no RF interface. The hub has a pretty good VDSL connection. All of our nodes are PC-based running Centos.

I'm envisaging setting up whatever software is required on the hub, as alluded to by Geoff, and presumably streaming that to a server out on the interweb seomwhere.

So a more accurate question is: What do I need to do to stream the audio from the hub to the outside world? What is required on the hub, what streaming services are available (and how painful will it be to my bank balance?) and how is the streaming server set-up.

I have been a regular user of the Drupal site for a long time, but that doesn't appear to have any wisdom on the subject of streaming.



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>   David
>   What have you built so far regarding allstar?
>   I looked at your repeater website and I see that you
>   have RF connectivity, but feel uncertain what you
>   have regarding Internet, linux/pc integration and
>   the like,
>   We have an integrated site and our web page can be
>   seen at http://www.ve3lsr.ca
>   It may give some ideas as to what can be done.  A
>   network config is attached.
>   73
>   Keith
>   VA3YC
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