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James Hill jrh at g0fhm.co.uk
Sun Jul 14 16:14:11 EDT 2013

On 14/07/2013 17:28, N7LD at aol.com wrote:
> I run quite a few Limey nodes. I have had this happen and it seems if you
> wait 10-20 minutes it starts working. I think the node has to register 
> first.
> Also make sure the last thing that shows up on the monitor is 
> ztttanscode loaded.
> It will not work until you see that.
> Lee
> 2233
Hi Lee,

I've emailed the login info toJim, and he can have a look and see if he 
can see what I have done wrong (it has to be my fault - there are loads 
of Limey systems working perfectly well out there!). There has to be a 
subtle difference between ACiD and Limey that I have missed - I can use 
exactly the same setup, on the same box with a HDD running ACiD all day 

I'll await Jim's response with interest! :)


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