[App_rpt-users] Limey Help...

James Hill jrh at g0fhm.co.uk
Mon Jul 15 07:14:40 EDT 2013

On 15/07/2013 02:09, Jim Duuuude wrote:
> After logging into James' system, I found that the "distro" version
> of chan_simpleusb and chan_usbradio sources werent working
> properly on Limey Linux.  I then loaded the SVN sources, and found
> out that they had a different problem, the fix of which will appear in
> SVN at 18:15 PDT this evening (in 14 minutes).

I'd like to thank Jim in public too - I'd never have figured that out in 
a million years!

However, I have one slight issue after Jim's fix - Don't know is anybody 
can put their finger on it.

My Timezones appear to be all messed up.

Running 'date' gives the correct time/date info output.

However, initially asterisk/app_rpt was stuck back in PST (ie 8h behind) 
when I keyed *81.

I've done some tinkering, and have now got the voice announcement to UTC 
(still an hour behind).

/etc/TZ is set to GMT0BST as it should be. BIOS clock is correct.

Any pointers?

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