[App_rpt-users] FLAT vs Preemphasized audio

Benjamin L. Naber Benjamin at kb9lfz.com
Mon Jul 22 06:49:54 EDT 2013

The settings you have thought to be for usbradio.conf appear to be

Not sure about the simpleusb for DMK URI. You can use the DMK URI with
usbradio.conf. I like the usbradio.conf over simpleusb, seems to me a
lot of folks are having issues with simpleusb.

Remember to use radio-tune-menu with a service monitor to ensure your
TX/RX audio levels are set appropriately!

~Benjamin, KB9LFZ

On Sun, 2013-07-21 at 23:15 -0700, KJ6KO wrote:
> We plan on interfacing with a Palomar repeater controller which uses
> FLAT audio in and out.  It is designed strictly for disc audio in and
> output directly to a radio's modulator.  
> Would the settings.....
> .... be correct to make sure the Palomar gets already pre-emphasized
> audio in and audio coming from the Palomar to the URI is de-emphasized
> in the URI before going out to the rest of the network?  Many of the
> other nodes on the network are using MIC inputs and "Speaker" audio
> out.
> Would these commands go in the usbradio.conf file?
> If it is a DMK URI, would the same commands go in the simpleusb.conf
> file?
> Seems I remember setting something like this in the initial DMK
> setup...have only done one DMK.
> Not sure if final unit will be a DMK or some other URI.
> ...I know...a lot of questions!
> Thanks....
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